Sunday, May 20, 2007

While I was out...

Hi. Sorry for the lapse in posting. I had a stomach flare-up and then tried to come back too soon...What have you missed? Well, in between gripping my abdomen and eating saltines I tried to distract my self with some art and I went on two road trips with the family (two dogs and fiance make some cultures anyway).

I'm actually very devious in my planning. We scheduled two outings with the dogs before Mother's Day. I figured that would line me up for a great gift. -wicked chuckle-

Here's me with the kids at Jupiter Beach Park. They allow dogs anywhere there is no life guard. Henry took the pups in the water and we had a lovely picnic lunch overlooking the ocean. I made friend chicken sandwiches....I love picnics.

Then we took a road trip to Miami to see Cesar Milan. Cesar is the Dog Whisperer. He has an amazing gift with canines and a show on National Geographic channel. We don't even get that channel, but Henry's brother Jeff does and he taped some shows for us and got us very interested. Jeff and his wife even bought a dog after watching--a too cute Chihuahua named Sundance. If you read this Jeff, call and let us know what Cesar told us about your dog....

We drove over an hour to Miami with the dogs in the back and me sitting up front sipping Ginger Ale and Gatorade. When we arrived, the line was around the building and growing rapidly. They numbered people by cluster and we were cluster 156. Henry dropped me off to save a place and went to park with the dogs. I'm standing in line, looking at all the other dogs and chatting with folks near me when I hear keening howls and barks and general dog mayhem. When I look back, sure enough, there's my dogs howling and growling their way to our place in the line....A guy about 5 people back yells, "Hey buddy, take those dogs to the front of the line--they need Cesar far more than we do!" Embarrassing.

We coaxed and scolded until they finally adjusted to being around all these animals and all the kids in line were soon petting them and giving them water. Finally, after two hours, we were led into the store for our 2 minutes with Cesar. He was kind and congenial and really worth the wait. He didn't ask my dogs to be on the show, which I take as a good sign....

The next photos are from our adventure with Cesar in Miami. Upcoming posts will feature art I made for Mother's day (two mini albums), prep for Christmas creations, and some training opportunities. Thanks for checking in!

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