Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cleaning rubber stamps and so much more

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Meet the Absorber:

I was tooling around online and saw a product sold by a popular stamp and die cut company that looked awesome. It's an absorbent cloth that will clean the ink off of a rubber stamp in one swipe.

Their price seemed a bit high without knowing it worked so I checked out some product reviews and learned that everyone who uses it loves it.

In the process of checking around I learned that the cloth is not something invented for rubber stamping--it's been around for some time for use with car washing and other chores.

Enjoy the Absorber: 
Store your Absorber cloths in zip close bag.
Keep them moist to be ready for use. If they do
dry out, Just moisten them again. Rinse them out
occasionally--the one in my hand is clean but
stained. I love the way they wipe ink off my hands
when I am stamping. I wipe ink pads too and prevent
smears from getting on my hands then paper.

I found it on Amazon in a larger size for a smaller price. I cut mine up into smaller pieces and shared with my artsy friends and also with my Sir Henry for use in the tool shed. Everybody loves it!

Even my artsy friends like the fabulous Lynn Barwald called to find out how she could get more. She hadn't used it in studio at all but in her kitchen!

This thing picks up tons of water if there's a spill. It wipes any wet or damp surface clean and shiny--like cars, counters, ovens, faucets, etc.  I've watched it pick up surface level ink, grime, water spots and all kinds of liquid spills.

This one is currently priced at $8.79 on Amazon. If you keep the entire 27" by 17" for yourself, you won't need another one with in the next few years. My fees from Amazon never, ever effect your purchase price.

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This is a test, only a test

I'm testing to see how posts go up from my  phone. If I like this it will certainly curtail my wordiness.

In June I began Bible Journaling. What a joy this has been. My earliest entries are not on my phone, so here is my latest.

Romans 14:1-12

I use the Common Lectionary as the basis for my journaling and the workshop that I teach on the topic.

This came from the lectionary for September 17th. One of my favorite sayings is, who am I to judge?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Labels and Signs

This is a great eyeliner, however,
I haven't noticed my "sexy" boosted.
My sexiness hasn't increased either.
My husband and I have enjoyed spotting and interpreting signs and labels over the last 15 years. Funny, I never thought of it as "a thing" for us until I started writing this post. Cool, something else we enjoy doing together.

Eyeliner is fabulous. I've been wearing it since I sold Mary Kay back in 1982. Back then, the liquid eyeliner fad of the '60s had disappeared and the most common eyeliner wearing people were punk rockers and heavy metal bands. David Bowie and Boy George were also fans of eyeliner--do they fit in those groups?

So, the smart folks at Mary Kay taught their Beauty Consultants and thereby their customers to use a tiny bit of liquid eyeliner at the very base of the lashes to add fullness. This little tip really does make lashes look fuller and it helped sell liquid eyeliner during the dry spell.

Today liquid eyeliner is popular again. I love the cool dramatic looks I see on women. 

Sadly, my 55-year old eyes do not not look good, much less sexy, with dramatic eyeliner. It only emphasizes the crepe skin and droopy lids. 

Even if I weren't in Slipper Camp this year, the eyeliner issue would not be worrying me in any way. Slipper Camp is just an added boost to my self-confidence and appreciation of my own beauty.

The Slipper Camp philosophy of living fully in each moment has heightened my awareness of signs and labels. So "sexy booster" eyeliner is amusing partly because of it's grammatical snafu and partly because I've never had my sexy boosted. Should I get a refund?

Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to promote living well every moment.
Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My return to camp

I finished my first 2017 Slipper Camp Workout: 
"Printing out at least three great photos from 2017 and putting them in prominent places." 

In February 2016 I attended what we call "Art Camp" again.
This photo is from a walk with my dearest friends Lynn & Jill.
I digitally created a fun photo keepsake for them in Oct. 2016.
Now the photo is on the magnet board above my monitor. 
This Polaroid of Owen was already up. (Bonus for me--smile.) Interesting to note: Owen goes directly to that photo and makes a comment every time he comes in our house.

Owen is my grandson by way of my God-daughter Brittany. 

October 2016-- weekend in a cabin with my friend Nanette.
We hadn't seen each other in over 7 years.
Thanks to Slipper Camp exercise one I see this photo every day.
My dresser top looks like inspiration for another exercise, right?

I had my first birthday party in several years in 2016. The photo now happily resides on our fridge door.

Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to promote living well every moment.
Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.
Checkout my personal progress and all the tasks on (search key word slipper camp)

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Returning to Slipper Camp

Happy new year and welcome back campers!

Slipper camp is designed to be a kinder, gentler version of boot camp. We explore stretching our limits on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels with mini-workouts throughout 2017. We will repeat some of our exercises from our last camp sessions in 2014 along with adding plenty of new ones.

  Exercise 1: Gratitude for the dances

Introduction: Everyone over the age of two can tell you something they remember. Sadly, when asked, adults will often recall or share their worst memories.

I have seen so many posts on Facebook that say "2016 was a tough year." 

Did nothing make you smile in 2016? Nothing? 

Workout: Find three (or more) "smile worthy" photos on your phone and PRINT them. Put those photos in very visible places. Tape to fridge, staple inside your planner, pin to a bulletin board--you get the idea. Be grateful for the dances.

1. Most stores offer an app that will allow you to print photos directly from your phone. 
Here's one from Walgreens: 
2. Any photos you transfer to your computer can be printed in several ways:

-- Send them to a store (drugstores to discount stores) or have them mailed to you
-- Send them to the same type store and pick them up the same or next day
-- Move photos to a USB drive and take it into a store
-- Use an online photo printing service, for example: (there are a ton of these)
3. You can print directly from Facebook with many online services now
4. If you own a printer: (black and white is fine)
--Print directly from a smart phone and wireless printer
--Print from your PC with these easy steps

    -left click photo
    -click open in new window
    -enter control P on new window

This is easy. You know you'll love it.

Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to assist you in living well.
Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.
Checkout my personal progress and all the tasks on (search key word slipper camp)

Follow along with the  Slipper camp workouts on the Live Safe, Live Well Facebook Page:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Glazing Discovery

Turns out that Tombow™ Mono Aqua liquid glue™ works well as a glaze medium.  While the end result is not as thick as regular glazes, it has the same even glossy finish and texture. The curing period for Tombow™ as a glaze is only about an hour.

Why glaze?
Glazing a focal point on your artwork is a beautiful thing. It’s shiny, what can I say?
When you glaze you are not only making an image shiny but you are raising the surface.

Critical factors in glazing:

The glaze finish must not be sticky to the touch after drying.
The glaze must not buckle the paper it is covering.
The glaze must be distributed evenly across the design.

Bubbles should never be present on the finished product.

Glazing Products
Many companies have great glaze mediums on the market. They give a thick glossy finish and should dry for 24 hours. My favorite is Crystal Lacquer™.
Clear embossing powder also ads a lovely glaze to an image. Embossing powder dries immediately, however, I find it tricky to get an even coat on the first (or second) pass. Embossing is messy for me and requires using products I don’t keep close by.

Glazing away
Impatience over drying time, frustration with evenness, and practicing my “within reach doctrine” led me to the Tombow™ discovery about glazing.

The projects above are holiday tags. Below is a stamped card feature using the same glaze:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crazy Birds in the Studio

“You have to start somewhere.” Here’s the somewhere I’m starting.

There have only been a couple of products that I “had to have” in the last year. Crazy birds stamps by Tim Holtz was one of these.  Here are some samples:
The sequins make the magic.

There are dies to cut the birds that I did not buy but my friend Lynn did...

I wish more of the birds faced right

that would be more appealing on a

These designs are very simple. The birds are just so adorable that there is no need to put tons of effort into cards. 
Coordinating papers from a paper pad
by DCW make assembly easy.

I stamped all of these in one sitting on white paper that had been colored with distress ink stains by Ranger via Tim Holtz. I cut some out and I left some right on the background.

Keep in mind, I prefer to make art than spend a ton of time taking photos of it--smile. Editing pictures distracts me for hours because after I crop then I want to adjust color and size and contrast and....