Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We're so honored by the massive support we've received in this contest.

Today I'm walking around (in between voting when the 12 minute timer goes off) just awed by the outpouring of love and support you're giving us.
Check out the comments under yesterday's post to see folks from all over just voting away.

I posted a photo with timely significance and a note from Henry today. The note was written on the back of his senor class portrait in fall 1974. It's just so dear and such wonderful words for a 17 year-old-boy to write.

The bathing suit photo is significant because in June of 1975 my parents took Henry with our family to annual conference of the United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach Virginia. My Daddy served as a UM minister for 40 years and these June trips to annual conference were also our family vacations for the year. Never before and never since did they allow us to bring anyone on those trips. Henry was always their favorite.

I'm getting to the significance, I promise...My 83 year old father and 80 year old mother just called me from this year's annual conference in Roanoke Virginia. Some things change, and some things stay the same. They go even though Daddy is long retired. While they didn't do an announcement to all 8000 delegates, they did drum up a lot of votes from people that know us and love our story.

On the drive home they stopped to visit family in Danville Virginia where they grew up. There they picked up more votes--I have have huge extended family and 80% of them live in Danville.
I am so grateful for the Chattin and Burnett clans. (both sides of my family are of Scottish heritage)

Henry and I will never forget the love from every corner of the world that has surfaced from this contest. I means so much to us. We wish we could go on a grand tour to every location with voters and give out great big hugs.

Oh, and the other significant parts of the bathing suit photo--My Mom made that bikini I'm wearing along with all my clothes growing up--creativity (and thrifty practices) run in my genes....Plus it is the only way you could ever see me in a bikini again! This 46 year-old bride-to-be has adopted the swim dress approach--but I'll still jump in the pool!
Love and Peace,
Norma Anne


Stacy said...

Love the Pic Norma Anne!!

We are just busy, busy, busy voting on the Cricut board!!

We really want to see you win!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck you have a lot of support and people pulling for you.

Cheryl said...

Norma and Henry..

You don't know me from Adam but I want you to know I think your story is such a precious one.

I (along with the many others) have been voting as often as I can for the last three days.

May our Lord richly bless you in the MANY years ahead!

Jackie said...

Hi Norma Anne and Henry, just like to let you know I am part of the Aussie Cricut team that has been voting for you two to win the dream wedding that should have happened so many years ago. I had to go slow yesterday as the day before I voted non stop for 16 hours.
Off to do more voting. Good luck and god bless to the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Norma, this has just been the funnest thing to be involved in. Your's and Henry's story is soooo sweet and after reading all the contestants stories, your's struck me the most. I became aware of this contest through and have been voting for you since Monday.

It has been a truly uniting experience with lots of fellow scrappers. And everyone seems so incredibly happy and excited for you both.

Any chance you can get a PO Box and put the address in your blog so us scrappers can send you both a Happy Wedding card?? Homemade of course. :)

Anyway, congratulations for touching so many people!!!

World of Michael Trent said...

Hey Norma and Henry. I am in Jen Lowe's Lucy group and am totally working my fingers off for you guys - and doing this from Brasil!!! 20,000 ahead. Good luck in the contest and in your lives together.

TA Carbone said...

Hi Norma Anne
Well I have been pulling for you and Henry and letting my yahoo group and friends know about the voting. We have gotten votes for you both from Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Denmark and of coarse the USA.

Funny that Henry graduated a year after me and your parents are in the same town right now where my former in laws live.

We will be making the cards
Hugs to you both

Scrappinology said...

Hi Norma....been voting for days! over at 2 peas, and I even posted you on my blog!!!!

I wish you the best of love and no matter how this contest have already won! Enjoy your man!


Cheryl said...

Norma Anne I am amazed while ready this current post. My hubby and I moved from Alton, VA to where we now reside 2 years ago. If you are not familiar with it we were 20 miles from Danville! Lived there 10 years and kind of miss it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma!

Many of the women from's message boards are voting for you. We're so happy to be a part of this journey to your dream wedding. Your story is truly heartwarming, and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Best of luck to you! :)

~ One of the many "Team Norma" members from

Anonymous said...

Norma Anne and Henry - have been voting frantically via a link some one put in a post on UKScrappers! Good luck to you both - and I look forward to seeing some wedding pics!

Love and prayers Sarah (England - UK)

Unknown said...

Awww - that note is so beautiful. It's so sad you 2 were apart for so many years when you were so obviously meant to be together! I am so glad you found each other again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma! Theresa from our yahoo scrapping group was so wonderful to make us all aware of your heartwarming story of true love, after so many years! the hudson valley scrappers are proud to help our crafty sister (and hubby to be) in this endeavor to win your dream wedding! we are having a blast chatting in our group and watching your numbers and hitting the vote button every 12 min.! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Norma Anne,

I love your pictures and notes you have posted!! I told Henry that yellow is his color! LOL

We are all here voting non stop for you both!!

-Brooke Blanchard

Oh Scrap!! said...

Well dear I am pretty sure you'll win, however I am still voting, so are we invited to the wedding?? Do we go on the cruise with you?? or as Nancy said we can make an SDV on the cruise LOL.
Is been very exciting and I am very happy for you, hugs, Rosa.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I will have been married 50 yrs. in Oct. (o8) but we started dating when we were in Jr. high school(age 15) and have never looked back or regretted our choice. Your story really resonated with me and I am so happy for you both to have found each other again. I have been voting for you every chance I get. Judging by the numbers I think you "kids" are a shoo-in.
Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Rita and Don

Anonymous said...

You should see if the station would webcast your wedding so we all could see it. ;) Post a link on 2peas.

Good luck to you two.

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me - what time does voting finish???

Theresa said...

busy voting on 2P's and I added a link on the Fiskateer's site too so you've had a boat load of votes from that end too

Scrappinology said...





Anonymous said...

Norma, what a fantastic love story! I was pleased to be one of the crazy Cricut women voting at all hours of the night and day continuously trying to help you win your Dream Wedding!

Can't wait to watch your dream unfold and put you well on your way to your Happily Ever After with Henry!

Anonymous said...

I read your story on, and I was happy to vote many times for the two of you! I hope to someday find a love like yours! Best of luck and many more years of love to you both!