Monday, February 14, 2011

Style Options

Trying out a different style in my art journal.

There's always another way to do things. I was fascinated by Julie Balzer's post on January 28th. She outlined a week's worth of art journal activities which was fun--but first she discussed the different types of journal styles:

"1.painty - love to splash paint and mist around and can't get enough gesso

 2.wordy - less of an art-er and more of a journaler and storyteller3.collage-ish - love patterned paper,     imagazine pages, and decoupage medium

 4.scrapbook-ish - used to using photos when you tell your stories

 5.doodler - can't stay away from the pens and markers "

She pegged me, I'm the wordy one. As shown in previous videos, I like to journal in books that I am "renewing" into journals. I layer on colors and magazine images, papers, stickers, and then layer on the words, words, and more words. Here are a couple typical examples:

My pages are prepped in advance. As I start to journal each day I will add embellishments and then begin to write and write and write. I've been writing in a journal since 1973. There has only been one real constant since I started--words. It works.

After reading Balazer's post I decided to challenge myself to each style of journal. This two page spread (at top) works the painty and possibly the scrapbook-ish styles. On the left I did a torn paper piecing technique that I employ on scrapbooks and cards. On the  right is a magazine advertisement for lingerie. I used gesso over the model and the painted in a new figure.

I really had fun trying new styles although it took me longer than my usual 30 minutes per day. Now I'm off to try the doodler technique.


adele holcomb said...

I didn't know you were a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer fan; but I am too! Her style is much more artistic than mine; but she always makes you feel like it's easy and there's no stress, no wrong way. I've been enjoying your blog since Lynn gave me a link a couple weeks ago!

Norma Anne said...

Thanks for visiting Adele! No stress is surely the way to go, right?