Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Timing isn't Everything

This week I was reminded of yet another reason I love my "Flash Card" creation process. In addition to the advantage of having lots of unique cards ready and available to send --- there's the anxiety relief.

Art and stress should not go together.

I was noodling around with supplies on my table and decided to make a card for a new friend who is having a birthday. Part of the issue could have been that I didn't know her well, but still, this card took over an hour to make and I am just not crazy about it. I ended up giving her one of my Cut 'n Tuck Flash cards after all and I'm holding this one to see if I like it better after time passes.

the sentiment inside bled through the card stock so I traced it on the back

inside sentiment

After that laborious hour in the morning--I worked around the house and then laid down for afternoon respite. Woke up a couple hours later and the Great Creator had given me a notion that required immediate action. In just 15 minutes I created the card below called "Out of the Blue" I love this card, it's interactive and fun . Right out of the blue--wham.

Card fits a #10 envelope
 I mailed the card to my friend Bridget who I've known for over 30 years and who knows that I really dislike the color blue. I have a huge excess of blue card stock because I avoid using it....This was a great way to tell my friend I care and send my blue card stock to a happier home...

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