Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 Excuses I made not to post on my blog Sunday

1. The only things I can think to write about world events today and 10 years ago Sunday sound trite and polly-anna-ish to me right now. See what I mean? I’m using self-created words which really annoy me. Stamp by Dream Impressions, part of a collage I made in 2002.

2. Because when I keep thinking I'll find a bigger audience
 for Paper Temptress projects and I can't post them here first.
.Sticky Note pads decorated with Paper Tempress Card Stock

3. I haven’t created the web page I have planned to feature the in-depth review of this technique yet. These are Journals I made with my Zutter--they are a series called "Time to Journal" and are made from blank time cards.
4. There are so many things to post and I don’t want to take away
from them by just squeezing them in quickly.New set of ATC from one sheet
 for a video I'm planning.

5. Because it’s a good time to just pet my dog(s). Our Daisy is always ready for a cuddle

6. Becasue I just woke up or I want to lay down.
Drexel, Lord of Nap, joins me in sleeping and
waking up twice a day. It's called Chronic Fatigue.

7. Because I can't always remember if I posted something earlier and I don't want to go back and check. Club Scrap pear stamp on tag in two color sets.

9. Because I thought I looked
skinner than this.

10. Because I feel compelled to explain things in detail
 that really just need to be shown. Sign on my doctor's desk.

8. Because looking through my foldiers
is so distracting. I keep finding photos
I wanted to use weeks ago like this live
lizard hood ornament as I drive down

11. Because the photo would be so much better if I had time to crop it, enhance it, and add digital elelments.

These are some button rings I tried immediately after stubling onto a You Tube Video

Anna Claire Schloesser, born 8.28.11 to Sir Henry's daughter Molly and her husband Ryan.

It's Been Baby Grand Week Around Here--
which brings me to # 12:
When I look at what's really important to me all the other photos just dim in comparison.

Owen Marshall Haddad, born 9.1.11 to my
 God-daughter Brittany and her husband John.

Hailee Renee Chattin--two years old in July 2011. This picture of my first born grand baby reminds me of the stamp image face in the first photo.

As always, click to enlarge any photo....
Blessings of joy and peace

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