Thursday, July 12, 2012

RSS Feeds--Nothing like Catching up with the times

I use bookmarks like a banshee on my internet browser. I have them all in labeled folders and across the toolbar. I also have a home page that my browser opens to each time I use the internet.

Just last month I discovered a faster, better way to check in on my favorite sites and blogs. I learned how to use my browser home page as a reader and now when I go on the internet I can see immediately if any of my favorite spots have updated information.

"Boink" goes the palm of my hand to my forehead. Now I know all my high tech friends have had this going on for ages--but I also know some of my artsy followers are like me with the internet. We found a way that worked and we haven't changed habits since then....

Here's a great video (from 2007--blush) about how to make RSS feeds work for you. It's so easy Norma Anne can do it. Give it a try and be sure to add the Artful Tourist blog and web site to your readers. THANKS!

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