Thursday, November 1, 2012


Every single day I express my gratitude for at least three of the many joys of my life. While I hesitate to make commitments like "I'm now going to blog these every day in 4-part harmony with flashing lights, glitter, footnotes and drum rolls." I am writing today and showing a digitally enhanced photo (credit of one of my blessings:

I am grateful that I have amazing neighbors on my street. I am blessed to have the two sisters next door be frequent visitors in my home where we make crafts, cook food, watch movies, and launch adventures together. This is the photo taken before we left together for church on Halloween Sunday 2012.

Added bonus: I'm glad I have a church family that celebrates the wonder and fellowship of Halloween.

Update 5.19.2014 Jade turned 13 last week!

We celebrated her entry into the teenage years with a family night dinner. We prayed together over our meal with gratitude for family and neighbors and good food.

Decorations were my digi-art using designers along with the dolly's eye which Jade drew this year and I photo-shopped into the poster.

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