Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally--did something I saw on Pinterest

The original tee shirt scarf on Pinterest:

I have been using Pinterest for over a year. When it was introduced I loved the concept as I understood it--an online bulletin board. It was like a visual favorites folder. If you ever saw my favorites folder you would understand my interest in Pinterest--there are more than 30 sub-folders in my favorites folder (yikes).

I still love and use my favorites folder for research, quick links to frequent sites, and sites that I know I'll need infrequently but I want them accessible.

My version--if I were prone to retaking
photos I'd move the short loop closer to
my neck. My loops are fatter because I
want this to be more of an outdoor, cold-
weather scarf.
Pinterest inspires the artist in me. It has also become a way to understand the online community, visit new blog sites for their most popular posts, and get great ideas for projects from my studio.

One small problem with Pinterest for me:


To justify my new found interest in clicking and pinning and in lieu of the 12-step Pinterest recovery program I'm sure is forming as we read and write, I decided that I could not continue my obsession with Pinterest unless I used at least one pin per month.

My November project was the recycled tee shirt scarf. This looked fun, easy, and environmentally friendly. Of course, I had to put my own spin on it. Instead of the subtle gray on the Pinterest model, I chose to use two of my brother's worn out tee shirts in bright yellow and tie dye. I know just who I want to give this to for Christmas.

Check out my boards on Pinterest and follow them if you are so inclined. Those with obsessive personalities should consult a therapist before clicking this link. :)

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