Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NONI art---what you get when grandchildren paint and Noni takes paintings home

"The world is bigger and the worries are
smaller through the eyes of a child." by
NAChattin--Noni Art 3/13

In February 2013 we visited my awesome step-daughter and her children. (Sam, age 4 and Anna, age 18 months) While we were there Grandpa built an incredible tree fort for the kids and Noni stayed inside. One of our activities was painting. Yes, if you listen carefully you can still hear my heart singing.

The amazing Mom, Molly, laid out a shower curtain on the floor, put newsprint from a roll on top of it, poured acrylic paint into bowls, got out brushes, striped the kids down to diaper and under-roos and we had a blast.

Here are some moments from our adventure with paint (photos by Molly Schloesser)

  Molly put the painted paper out for recycling and I rolled that baby up, put it in the car, and took it home. I stand strong in my philosophy that a home is not a home without kid art displayed. The paper was huge, about 5’ by 3’ and I just couldn’t get it to stay up on the refrigerator….

Thus, Noni art was born. I’ve been taking pieces of the painting and doodling into it and cutting it into smaller pieces for collage, cards, and ATC (which you witnessed during the 7 days of Holy week ATC display here).

Jump into color feet first by NAChattin.
The bird at top right is the first peice I created. It’s 5” by 7” and was mailed as a card to Molly, of course. It remains one of Henry’s favorite pieces in the whole collection. I am going to share more of my Noni art as the days go on—it’s spurred a whole new interest in doodling and drawing for me.
My first fun doodle adventure was with a photo from our paint date. I may have posted this previously but it's too fun not to mention again (Jump into Color Feet First--at right)
 Finally, because whoever met a grandmother who didn't like to show off pictures, here's one of Sam and Anna--Molly is a talented photographer in addition to everything else she gets right.

We can't wait to visit them again and again. The reason you don't see Dad, Ryan Schloesser, is because he is on army assignment overseas. (Keep him and all of us in your prayers)

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