Friday, May 3, 2013

Art Journal and Doodle Inspiration

Journal doodles are popping up on every page lately. At first I was working on doodle dollies and then I moved on to bunnies (from Noni Art) and bugs and flowers like this bee on a purple bloom.
I’ve been asked often where I get the inspiration for doodle shapes. Most of the Noni art is just Zen. I look at the painted area like I’d look at clouds to find shapes. On fancy artist days, I think of myself as a sculptor looking at stone before chipping out the statue.

Doodling on blank paper or newsprint is a bit more defined. I look online for inspiration, I practice, and I make it my own. I’ve traced photos in my journal to turn them into doodles, I’ve doodled photos, and I’ve looked at my rubber stamps for inspiration.

Some of the Zen-tangle things I worked on a while back are coming into play as well. I don’t concentrate on filling each space as much as I start with a few lines and work out. Next I “find” shapes in the doodles much like the Noni art process.

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