Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Loving "Pinispiration" on Pinterest

Yodie card for Cindy 2013
I have the most unwieldy favorites list on Internet Explorer that my techie-for-a-living husband has ever seen. I just love marking pages and thinking I'll go try that soon. There's over 500 of those pages in my favorites folder now and it's too cumbersome to even try and find most things. Plus, my tastes and goals have changed so much.

Pinterest has satisfied my need for saving and reviewing internet ideas. I can categorize items and there is a visual for every thing I mark. When my tastes change I can just create a new board.

Between Pinterest and RSS feeds to my Yahoo home page--I am all set.

The Yoda tribute design to the right is one of my favorites. I was inspired by a tee shirt that had been pinned by a sci-fi fan. It was the perfect impetus to use in creating a card for my "Star Wars" fan and friend, Cindy.

Follow my imagination and fun on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/nachattin/boards/

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