Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's give some art away

Wish Big with three candles.
Designing and delivering creative arts classes for the first time in years has been a joyful experience for me in 2013. These creative art sessions are free and designed with the premise that it doesn't take a ton of supplies and tools to make fun cards and gifts. One of the philosophies of these programs is that when we create we honor our Great Creator.
Wish Big sentiment printed from computer.
Candle and flame cut from greeting cards.

The sessions are held monthly (except November and December) at First Christian Church in West Palm Beach, FL. We meet on Saturday morning from 10am-12pm. Feel welcome to email me if you wish to attend or start a similar program in your area.

One of my favorite sessions featured recycling previously used greeting cards into new cards. We starting with free-hand drawing of shapes onto the cards, cut them out, and pieced the shapes together. We used a "guide sheet" of shapes to get us started and I've published that here along with a few samples. Stay tuned for more designs from this session.
Pattern/guide for freehand drawings

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