Monday, July 7, 2014

We represent the lollipop kids...

I've been combing Pinterest for "pun" gifts. Stuff like an Owl image and the words "Owl always love you" or chocolate bars with a card that says, "you're the best, bar none." Supposedly these were for business promotions and gifts, but then the OBESSION kicked into the mix.
The obsession is candy bouquets. There is nothing new about candy bouquets. I made them in coffee mugs as gifts in the 80's and taught them several times as workshops.
My first venture into Candy Bouquets 2014 was a miserable failure. I should have taken pictures, but I was rushed. Bottom line: I had the wrong candy, the wrong Styrofoam, and I was rushed.
I was ready to give up. I promise I was totally ready to give up. I put the supplies away and put the candy in an area approved for in-home consumption. However, the sugary bright arrangements of confection would not release me.

I kept pinning ideas and pondering designs. I found myself  in stores picking up containers that would work well as a base for a candy bouquet. Then the containers jumped into my cart and followed me home.

Last week when I was out running errands and getting ready for our trip to California--it happened. I drove past a candy warehouse. It was right on my way home. I'd never noticed it before. This miraculous reveal right in front of my eyes was a sign from somewhere (probably not from the heavens) that I must move forward with the candy project.

A quick U-turn and I was there. An hour later I was leaving the store with brightly colored lollipops and a receipt (no refunds allowed) for $26.92.


Apparently the time was right for Candy Bouquets 2014. After only a couple hours I had four candy bouquets and 3 pieces of leftover candy (not counting the lollipop I taste tested for purely scientific reasons).

They are now all posted on my Pinterest Page under gifts.

Total supply cost including containers, ribbons, and better Styrofoam was $8.79 per bouquet. Not a bad cost for a gift and about the same as a bouquet of grocery store flowers. With good fortune and no similar OBSESSIONS on the horizon--I should be finished with my Candy Bouquets 2014 adventure. You never know though, I've always been a "sucker" for lollipop bouquets.

We'd like to welcome you to Munchkin Land.

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