Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Labels and Signs

This is a great eyeliner, however,
I haven't noticed my "sexy" boosted.
My sexiness hasn't increased either.
My husband and I have enjoyed spotting and interpreting signs and labels over the last 15 years. Funny, I never thought of it as "a thing" for us until I started writing this post. Cool, something else we enjoy doing together.

Eyeliner is fabulous. I've been wearing it since I sold Mary Kay back in 1982. Back then, the liquid eyeliner fad of the '60s had disappeared and the most common eyeliner wearing people were punk rockers and heavy metal bands. David Bowie and Boy George were also fans of eyeliner--do they fit in those groups?

So, the smart folks at Mary Kay taught their Beauty Consultants and thereby their customers to use a tiny bit of liquid eyeliner at the very base of the lashes to add fullness. This little tip really does make lashes look fuller and it helped sell liquid eyeliner during the dry spell.

Today liquid eyeliner is popular again. I love the cool dramatic looks I see on women. 

Sadly, my 55-year old eyes do not not look good, much less sexy, with dramatic eyeliner. It only emphasizes the crepe skin and droopy lids. 

Even if I weren't in Slipper Camp this year, the eyeliner issue would not be worrying me in any way. Slipper Camp is just an added boost to my self-confidence and appreciation of my own beauty.

The Slipper Camp philosophy of living fully in each moment has heightened my awareness of signs and labels. So "sexy booster" eyeliner is amusing partly because of it's grammatical snafu and partly because I've never had my sexy boosted. Should I get a refund?

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