Saturday, April 28, 2018

They do it so well

I enjoy making videos and posting them on YouTube. I have not posted one in ages.  There's a good reason for that...

So many others do it so well, there's no need for me to do it again.

 I say this with gratitude, appreciation, and quite cheerfully.

 Here is a link to the playlists on my channel:

 As you view it you will see some of the things that interest me. Many of them I've never mentioned on the blog because they are not topics I focus on here in the blog.
This means you now have some insight into what interests me in the world. It also leads me to suggest that you look at the playlist on any You Tube channels created by individuals. I have found this enlightening, possibly because I'm always curious and occasionally find myself down a rabbit hole..

Here are some recent greeting cards I made inspired by videos and Pinterest which is another rabbit hole I'll address another time-smile.
Both cards are goofing around
with doodles
and Grunge stamps
 by Stampin' Up.

They are also here because everyone likes photos and reads more with pictures.

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