Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Floppy Diskette Ornaments--worth a second look

Ornaments are not just for holidays or trees. Take a peek at this tutorial I did 10 years ago and get make some "old fashioned" fun with floppy diskettes (yes you can order them on Amazon if you threw yours away).

These would be a fun gift to make any time of year, expecially in 2020 when we can make wise cracks like, "thinking back to olden times..." or "wish this virus would go the way of the floppy diskette."  Keep thinking, you'll come up with more.

Here are the ones from the video--they are still hanging happily in my studio today.

And for those (including myself) who like to have the printed instructions:

Floppy Diskette ornaments—“Old School” Tech hanging photo


Create a photo ornament from a floppy diskette and share the love while "giving green."


Supplies for this project:

Old floppy diskettes—all colors work well

Paper binder clips—the old style with a hole on the top makes a great hanger

Paper clips of various sizes—the colored ones jazz it up

Paper cutter or scissors and ruler

Photos that can be cut to 3” by 3”

Embellishments—get creative and use what you have. Items used in sample:

Ribbon scraps, beads, charms, Scrabble™ letters, label maker, colored safety pins, jump rings, permanent markers and stickers.



1. Trim 2 photos to 3" square


2. Use office clip to attach photos on either side of the diskette—the same clip holds photo on both sides.           You can glue the photo down with strong dry adhesive like double stick tape or glue dots if desired


3. Embellish with ribbon, words, wire, gem stones, stickers, safety pins, charms, etc. There really are no rules but these designer notes may inspire you:


Avoid adding symmetrical embellishments, asymmetrical is always more pleasing to the eye.

Utilize the different holes on the diskette for hanging charms or tying ribbon.

Add one embellishment directly on the photo.

Use label maker or sticker to add one appropriate word as accent element

Trace a marker around the edge of the photo for a more finished look

Limit your color scheme to 3 colors or monochromatic


4. Bend a paper clip into the binder clip to serve as a hanger for ornament


Enjoy your surplus items and employ your imagination for lots of other great variations on this design.



-Use a black diskette for color photos and a colored diskette for black and white photos

-Create at least one of these every time you finish a scrapbook layout while you still have the extra photos, papers, and embellishments lying around

-Thread a ribbon hanger through the hole and use flush style binder clip for attaching the photo

-Embellish further with sparkling glitter or mica powders


Related projects:

1. Put a magnet on the back and store/display on metal file cabinet

2. Create a series on red and green diskettes for a holiday tree--add to the effect with cassette tape “ribbon” garlands, and snowflakes from internal computer parts. Glue letters from old keyboards together for additional ornaments

3. Use a lower profile clip and secure diskette to a scrapbook page or greeting card

4. String three together for a hanging photo mobile

5. Replace photos with stamped images or recycled greeting cards

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