Thursday, August 6, 2020

Family is everywhere

I've been participating with an online art subscription workshop called Insider's studio with the incredible Amanda Evanston. It's been such a soul soaring creative renewal for me. We have a workshop every Tuesday and a Facebook group to see the units, get encouraging videos, and enjoy sharing our work with the other participants. #insidersstudio

Unfortunately, I can't suggest you join right away because the workshop is closed to new members until next month.

I will, however, happily share the art I am creating here and on the web site. I plan on doing online sales this fall. This is my only option now that the galleries are closed and my workshops are not possible for me. The great news it that it won't be hard to get inventory--my art is gushing out of the studio and I am so happy.

Now about that Insider Studio and family...I've been following Amanda on Instagram for a few years. Check her out  Following her is how I learned of the Insider Studio. 

Amanda is Aunt Peaches! I feel like I just did one of those family DNA tests and found out I'm related to a movie star! I can't believe I hadn't figured that out before today. 

I am grateful for all gifts from my Creator and today, I'm grateful for Aunt Peaches.

These birds are the results from her "Disco Chicken" workshop. I call them my absurd birds.

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