Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just Enjoy it...

This layout inspires two songs to circle through my mind. Totally unrelated songs in my opinion. The first song is "Buffalo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight." That comes from the saloon girl get- up I was wearing in June of 1979...yes, that's me.

The second song is "Wild Winged Dove" by Stevie Nicks because of the line "on the edge of 17." She hadn't recorded that song in 1979, but hey, I can't control the timeline of head music.

One of my big pushes in teaching scrapbooking is "scrap the meaning and the moment." Although this layout is by no means the kind of work I think I should submit for publication or sell or is the epitome of why I scrap--the meaning and the moment. The visual impact is fun and fanciful to match the photo. The pull-out journal card (on the back in time circle top right) talks about this photo being taken as a Father's Day Gift for my Daddy, the minister. He got a kick out of it, as I knew he would. It also talks about what my 45-year-old self would say to that 17 year old self who was at Virginia Beach with eight friends celebrating graduation from high school. I teared up writing the note that very few people will ever even read, but those tears were cleansing and I'm better for them.It's about the meaning and the moment.

Once I completed this layout and my little tear session, I stuck true to my self on another issue as well: Why store scraps when you can use them? so this little cowboy card was born. I've been noticing that Bruce Willis uses cowboy references in his movies. I wonder if that is the writer or him? Anyway, I love these two:

"Yippee Ki Yay"

"It's time to Cowboy Up"

Either one would be a great message line inside this card.


Anonymous said...

Norma Anne!!

You're blogging!! I'm so excited!! I've been reading a ton of blogs lately..started my own, but don't know WHAT I'm doing (as usual!!). Miss you!! See you soon!! Mary L.

Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

Thanks for checking in Mary L. I want to see your new blog! Please publish your fabulous work--pant, pant.