Thursday, September 20, 2007

The New Website is here--the new website is here....

The new web site has launched and I'm so excited!

I've paired down many items and made room to make frequent updates easy and fun. Whew!

From the main index (home page) to the articles and bio--everything has a fresh new look. I disabled a lot of links that may reappear at other times, but I have the time now to add and subtract. My articles and the gallery get the most attention so that's where I'm focusing first.

The September gallery is all about circles. I've mentioned these recently and shown some of the pieces in the blog, but you'll see new ones as well. The journal pictured here is a "blog bonus" not in the gallery. I made it to be my wedding planner and log. I like the colors of turquoise, pink, and brown too, but since we are leaning toward marrying in a vineyard, I may change those.

The October gallery will be up in two weeks. I still haven't decided on a theme, but I think it will include some topics that I will be teaching soon on My Creative That's right I'm teaching again and you can come to my classes no matter where you live! I've had so many kind requests to come teach in areas that are just tricky for me with traveling and I'm so excited that I can get back in saddle again with an online classroom. Be sure and use the link above to get started with the mailing list at MCC and stay in touch with requests for topics.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Norma Anne!! Great new website!!! I'll see you in your "classroom" (and, hopefully, at Lynn's). Mary L.