Sunday, September 2, 2007

Party Decor

One of the best things about being creative is sharing that creativity with family. I know, if you've been a student of mine, you are fully aware that EVERYONE is creative, but some just don't believe it and sometimes there's not enough time to do it all yourself.

My "almost" sister-in-law's step son got married last week in historic Williamsburg, VA. She has a total of four children and this was her only boy. Good practice for her before all the girls start tying the knot. She emailed me a couple months before the wedding to ask about decor for the rehearsal dinner. I was so honored and excited. She offered to pay the bill if I would come up with something which was extremely helpful considering my limited budget--grin.

I immediately went to Oriental Trading Company's site because I knew they would have great stuff for her luau theme. I book marked the suggested items and sent them to her. She ordered them and arranged for delivery to Virginia so all I worked on here was the "favor signs" little pokes that went in baskets at each place setting.


Centerpiece: We used a wooden wreath of flip flops with a tropical color burst candle in the center. The wreath was accented by small tropical votive candles and tiny eraser flip flops scattered lie confetti. (Thanks to my friend Jill for showing me those!)

Individual favors: We used 3" plastic flip flop baskets that were on sale (can't resist a bargain) filled with Starburst Tropical Fruit Chews and Skittles. Perched in each basket was one of my photo on a stick designs with a picture of the bride and groom.

There's a shot of a full table too for effect. Our decor added a lot of color and theme to a typical hotel banquet service and Rosemary spent less than $75.00 dollars on all of it. There were four tables of eight in the room, so if she'd bought arrangements from a florist the decor cost could have been doubled or tripled....I love doing things with family!

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