Sunday, April 6, 2008

We've finally narrowing our location choices down to two--please let us settle on one this coming week. I'm so eager to start the "fun part" for me which is decorations, cake, and, of course, fashion.

We decided to have the cake be a traditional recipe pound cake that my Mom will make. It's been in my family for years, we call it the Burnett pound cake and Burnett is my Grandma's maiden name. Thanks to my friend Jill's contribution of a Southern Living Magazine, we now have a decoration plan for the cake. It will be iced like the photo and then we'll use either berries or chocolate shells for embellishment.

The flowers will probably be natural from our yard and the grocery store combined with paper flowers that will be featured more in an upcoming post. The two pink/red arrangements pictured are from our yard and the the other two (snap dragons and orange daisy types) were purchased at Publix for $3.33 a bunch. The orange flowers are arranged in a crystal liquor bottle and there's a white daisy in the top. Isn't that fun? I used my fibers and ribbon from the studio to embellish arrangements or containers. At this point I'm not sure whether we'll be inside or outside and that will impact the container situation. It will all work out.

I'm going through a bell phase lately. I want to have lots of bells at my wedding. I have placed two brass bells with the orange flowers as part of the "table-scape" and I bought a cool crystal bell this week too. Please send me ideas for using bells at party or wedding. Thanks!

Thanks for looking and sharing. As always, I love to hear from you....Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Norma Anne! I hope you win the contest!

You could always use those bells at your reception for when the guests want you to kiss!!! (I'm always afraid that I'm going to break my water goblet with my knife...LOL!!!)

Mary L.