Thursday, June 12, 2008

We need your VOTE for a Dream Wedding

We're so happy and honored to be chosen as one of 12 finalist couples in the CBS-12 Dream Wedding Contest. We need online votes to win and as of today we're in third place so we need LOTS of online votes. You can vote again every 2 hours. So, VOTE NOW and VOTE often with our sincere appreciation.
Interesting tidbit, Henry, the resident computer expert, checked GOOGLE and saw that although we're currently in third place for votes, our vote page has more hits than any other contestant. I'm not sure how that happens unless we have eager folks trying to vote before the two hour limit.
HUGS and HUGE thanks to everyone that is voting now. Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

trolls you should not be allowed to have a dreamwedding if you already were married before.


Anonymous said...

We have never met, but I love your story and your scrapbook page!! Our stories are not the same, but have a long history. My husband and I were "steadies" for my last 4 years of school; we got married a month after I graduated and have been married 39 years this July. I even had a scrapbook of the two of us back then!

Everyone knows the strong bond of scrapbookers and why all of us have been voting non-stop. Ignore all the mean-spirited people -- I see why the previous post is listed as "anonymous." The one thing I was always told as a child, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Apparently other people weren't brought up that way. Best wishes, Carol

Anonymous said...


Do not let these jealous people ruin this for you. EVERYONE deserves the best. You're just lucky enough to have "friends" world-wide voting for you. Please check out what 2peas wants to do for the couples that did not have a world wide voting audience. It's a beautiful gesture and it started with your idea about the cards.

We love helping a fellow crafter and God bless you. (and your naysayers too)

Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

I truly did not mean to publish that first comment. I've only received positive comments from everyone except this person. I'm certain the rantings of one sad disgruntled person do not represent the feelings of any of the contestants in the CBS 12 Dream Wedding Contest. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I am such a novice I can't get this thing off of here... sheepish grin.

Anyway, we're not hurt or worried by such shallow silly comments, please don't give them another thought.

Joy and blessings- Norma Anne

Anonymous said...

Norma: Scrapbookers are family. We all stick together through all the sadness and all the happiness.. We're there for each other, no matter what..There are no strangers in this group of ladies. I was so thrilled to see the numbers each time I signed on. I love your story and wish you all the best.. Enjoy your Day! (Please share some pictures for us all to see!)