Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Everything Done

About those holiday cards
The time has come to admit holiday card defeat. We really wanted to send a card this year with a wedding photo on it. I created two designs plus package tags (as shown-click to enlarge) and up until about 10 minutes ago I believed they would happen.

In the spirit of positive thinking, I won’t call it defeat any longer. I got it out in that first paragraph for dramatic purposes, and now, I’m calling it a tactical retreat to fortify the troops. There’s always a New Year Card or even a Valentine’s Day card. All these options are a few mouse clicks away.

Photo Greeting Cards for all Seasons
I’m no stranger to alternate holiday cards. Everyone else is just as caught up as we are and getting cards every day…the “afterwards” ones often seem more thoughtful and give more time for reflection too.

I updated the photo greeting card feature page on my web site to include the digital holiday cards and other ideas. Check it out if you are considering the alternate holiday card yourself…smile.

Time to be kind

Now is the Time to focus on what we have done and over come this month.. Now is the Time to relish in the wonder of the season. Now is the Time to share the love with others and with ourselves.

One of the most important lesions I took from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is that being kind to myself makes me strong. Being strong makes me a better wife, friend, family member, teacher, artist, and everything else. Trying to do everything you want to do isn’t always the best course of action. Today I will do fewer things, do them better, and nurture the kindness.

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