Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We all have a secret set of “go to” actions that we know we can pull out to solve concerns. Whether the concerns are how to quiet a screaming child, how to get that rust stain off a steel sink, or, as in my case, how to create paper art—your upbringing and education often has an answer.

If you’ve attended my classes and workshops you’ve already heard many of these tips, and they are by no means the “rule” or the only way to great art. These are guides, tips, and perhaps reminders of how to get things done. After all, as I’m also fond of saying, “It ain’t rocket science here.”

For 2009 I’m creating a series of articles and tutorials called Works Every Time. These are the answers to frequently asked questions from old and new artists alike. You’ll find simple tips and techniques to try to keep you creating without stress or self-criticism.

Please keep emailing me and making comments. That’s how we all get better. I know many of you have said that you’d rather write me then comment on the blog, but it helps everyone when your comments are public.

And now, without further ado, I present the first article in the WORKS series called Color First Stamp Second. Discover the joy of using large collage style stamps quickly and easily by using a direct to paper background technique. This technique appealed to me early on because I quickly tired of stamping and coloring in the images. Coloring is fun and relaxing and I won’t ever completely stop, but it can also be time consuming and tedious.

So pull out your collage stamps both large and small and have some fun trying or revisiting this technique today.

Wishing you an artful and abundant New Year!

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