Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fruity Crabs

Back in 2002 or perhaps 2003 Sir Henry and I went to Vegas for a Dream Impressions stamp convention. We had a great time together.
Every hotel in Vegas has to have a theme and our Imperial Hotel set out to be the Asian hot spot on the strip. It looked like a standard strip hotel with some pagodas glued here and there. The hotel had a big polynesian dinner one night and everyone at the convention attended. The food and the show were cheesy but fun. During intermission I walked around and took pictures of all the fruit scuptures.
This crab was one of my favorites. I printed several copies of it a few years later for a scrapbook page I was designing for Spellbinders. There were plenty of crabs left over and I finally used them to make a series of brithday cards.
A. There was a point to this long winded story
B. I used up more of the "stuff" that I have had laying around for years.
So click on the crabby cards and see all the fun ways you can make cards from your extra photos.
Enjoy the creative process!

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