Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Tis the Season

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Birthday Season, that is….Unfortunately, it’s also been sinus infection season, I’m currently fumbling in the relapse zone but this go around is destined to be my last.

Timely Gift/Late Blog Posting
I really want to make several posts so I’m skipping the regular features in hopes that I can get a few more up. My philosophy is that if I got the gift/card mailed before the birthday (I’m O for 5 so far this season) then a late blog posting will not receive a penalty flag.

Score with economic paper options
On my July frugal spending budget I bought a DCV paper pad on sale at JoAnn’s. This one was a treasure for me because it was glittered and double sided not to mention a “summer collection” of colors which fits our Florida lifestyle all year around. If you shop the major craft store sales for your scrap papers, I can’t say enough about the value in these DCV paper stacks. They’re coordinated, there is a huge variety for every season and taste, many are double sided and glittered, plus I’m enjoying how fun they are to sand to a white core.

Add new to old and stir well
For my girlfriend’s card I used double sided paper from this new stack to create a 5” square card that practically made itself when I used the pattern on the paper as my base. I added punches and recycled wording to the front and additional punches and strips to the inside. The pop-up element on the inside was also recycled from a birthday card given to me over 8 years ago.

Yes, you heard it right folks, I kept items in my studio intending to recycle them for over 8 years. Truthfully, I’d hate to count how old some of this stuff is—but if I can’t throw it out then I’m determined to put it in. Nice, there’s a new motto, “If I can’t throw it out then I must put it in.

Tool Revival-The Boxmaker
Okay, back to the photos and this short version of a blog post. (wry smile). The bottom photo is a handmade box that I created using K & Co. reversible print card stock on top and ColorMates Textured solids on the bottom. In addition to recycling elements I am on a mission to recycle tools as well. The box was made with a tool called “Aleene’s Creative Box Maker” which I purchased sometime back in the mid-nineties. You can still find it online in Marlene Watson’s site here: I was reminded of this tool when I saw a new scoring tool that Stampin’ Up™ is promoting. The great thing about the box maker is that you can create a perfect top and bottom for your box every time just by turning the tool over.

The note cards in the box are pre-made but purchased at a discount because the original box was damaged and one card was damaged. Again, this set has been in my “to make” area for a couple years now.

Hence my studio may not look a lot different, and I’m sure it doesn’t look a lot better; however, I am having an impact on my environment. I’m working more creatively and using fewer new items. Eventually, the results are bound to show up.

So crates…
During my rest periods for this crazy sinus plague I’ve watched more TV than usual. As you may recall, I’m just not a big fan of reality TV unless it comes from a home shopping channel. Tucked between reruns and reality TV this week I caught the 1988 film “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures” starring Sean Penn and Keanu Reeves. I leave you with a flick of my air guitar and their line, “party-on dude.”

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