Monday, May 24, 2010

Reunited with the pages

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Legacy Art is such a treat. Not only do I get to enjoy the creative process, but I get to relish all the great moments again. With over 400 photos from our wedding I could be relishing for a long time to come.

Between working on the studio and having fun with photos of our precious grandson—I hadn’t worked with the wedding photos since 2009 and by the time May arrived I hadn’t done any Legacy Art in months.

I started working my way back in with a set of more current photos from Thanksgiving 2009. I was helped along by using a sketch I found online and some double sided papers that make it super easy to coordinate prints. Because I had recently sorted all my embellishments and collage images it was easy and fun to pull out things like the tomato labels which are those wall paper cut outs called Wallies™.

I haven’t posted this layout on my web site yet, but I’m sure I’ll fit it in eventually. They are done with same papers and colors, the difference you see is purely scanner malfunction, or more accurately scanner operator malfunction.

What I have put up on the web site is an album of all the wedding layouts. I am so happy I could get on a roll with these and enjoy the process. The last page I added is shown here. Check the web site gallery page for more information on how to make this easy folded frame from double sided papers and see all the other pages.

Over the years, I’ve developed certain tricks and techniques that work well for me.
1. No matter what kind of photos I’m working with—I try to create at least a couple pieces from more current photos. It gets me back in the swing of things and keeps my current event books up to date.

2. My other posts talk about how I enjoy using sketches—this is particularly true if I haven’t done photo work in a while.

3. Having a color scheme and repetitive design elements really helps when using lots of photos.

4. When it stops being fun, it’s time for me to stop doing it.

Regular Features

Surf stops—web sites I’ve visited recently: is a great place to find discount glasses. You pick your frames, fax or type in your RX and your glasses are mailed to you in nice little case. The anti-glare coating has started to scrape off my favorite pair of spectacles so I hope to be replacing them soon.

Amazon in general has become a mecca retailer for loads of stuff. My most recent purchase was a copy of “Vein of Gold” by my printed mentor, Julia Cameron. How does she know what I need? I’m doing a book study group online with this book right now and, as always, Julia speaks to my creative soul. See Vein of Gold at this link.

Touch of color—what color(s) influenced me— Purple, pink, and gold with orange accents. I made a set of tags and then cards this week with this combination which surprised me. They aren’t colors I’d normally select but I liked them.

Surrounding Sounds- The theme song to the show “Justified” on FX. The delightful noise of children at play on the rented water slide that came for her birthday.

Good Read: Just finished the Faraday Sisters by Laura McIneriny

Studio progress: Oh, now it’s almost embarrassing that I haven’t posted the new pictures and videos. I have such a joyful creative place in my home. I am taking an hour or two each week to finish up with labels, ribbon zone, and decor. Everything is set so I can use it easily and freely.

In the kitchenSmithfield Ham at Winn Dixie last week was regularly $48.00 on sale for $17.90. We ate it for family night last week and froze the rest for quiche. sandwiches, and soup. Delicious and frugal—that’s my kind of eating.

Austerity Plan progress ($15.00 per month for art supplies and tools): Haven’t spent since my last post and have had multiple creative sessions. Feels good.

My opinion and where it may lead: Remember the adage, “learn something new every day?” As I age, this could actually get easier if you count relearning something new every day…Thank goodness for my list book—I call it my portable memory.

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