Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer means...cookouts, weddings, and travels

We're having a Red(neck), white, and blue cookout for July 4th. Here's out it works:
Bring your own--side dish, meat for the grill, and beer with cousins/spouses and chewing tobacco optional :)

Here's a few cards I made to send after our May cookout with family:

After the Memorial Day visit to Virginia we geared up for hosting our wonderful God-daughter's wedding. We really had a great time sprucing up the yard and hosting a nice dinner for Brittany, John, and their guests. I was honored to perform the ceremony for them too and the videos we took for far away family and friends are on YouTube here
The Arbor you see on the video was built by Sir Henry and decorated with ribbons and florals from the craft store. We're so happy with how it turned out as a setting for their ceremony.
Below are some of the digital designs and photos of decorations created for the nuptials:

We made lots of flower arrangements, decorated bags of customized M&M's and baskets for sparklers used in the send off.  Photos should be forthcoming...

The support, labor, and food contributed by family and friends for this wedding has left us overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Although we could spend the rest of our lives thanking everyone, we're starting with some nice handmade cards:

The wedding and the thank you notes were all able to easily and creatively slide out of the studio with ease thanks to my new clear and simple method of organization.

No regular features this time. I'm still in recovery mode but my schedule will be lighter for the next few months so I hope to share lots more here and on the web site.

In the interim-- enjoy, create, and savor my friends.

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Jessie Porter said...

Those are very cute card I really like the layouts and the picture color combination.