Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now What's in my journal?

The first artful visual journal of 2011 is complete. I bid it a fond farewell in this video and also post my update for the Art Journal Every Day group on Julie Balzer's blog.

I had to make three version of this video because the first two were really too long to be considered a quick peek inside. I'm going to use some things from the longer one on my web site so it is also posted to You Tube. You can scan the bar at the bottom of the blog post to check out the long version. My advice--skip the long one and go journal--grin.

Art Journal Every Day with Julie Balzer

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Andria said...

Hi! I came here from Julie's web site, as I'm doing AJED too. I really enjoyed watching your flip through your art journal. It looks like such a fun, colorful, personal record of your life.