Thursday, November 3, 2011

21 days with a ciggarette

Bon Voyage to a tee shirt (and cigs) from my art journal.
I said a not-so fond farewell to my cigarettes 21 days ago today. This rocks.

I made my commitment to quit by using a nicotine delivery device known as the E-cigarette. 

Here are the things I love about my new life without "analog" cigarettes and my ongoing adventures with electronic cigarettes. (In no particular order)

  • I love saying "I don't smoke."
  • The smell--the tell-tale, nasty, smell---is gone.
  • I don't waste cigarettes putting them out before they are finished.
  • No more ash tray maintenance and butt disposal issues.
  • I have already lost my smokers cough and throat clearing.
  • The electronics come in cool colors including pink with light up crystals.
  • They are half the price of my former smoking habit.
  • I can whiten my teeth and they'll stay white.
  • No loss of the eye-hand habits I enjoy.
  • I can do it in the car with the windows up.
  • I don't annoy people around me.
  • No special accommodations required.
  • No waiting until "I finish this one" before moving on with my time.
Here's a video of Katherine Heigl on Letterman that shows how they work and what they look like:

Once I decided to try the electronic cigarettes, I found an incredible amount of online resources, products, and companies. There are some unbiased comparison sites and some very biased comparison sites set up to look like unbiased ones.

The company that works for me is called Vapor for Life. They don't pay any referral bonuses and I receive no personal gain by promoting their company.

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adele holcomb said...

Yay and double yay for you, Norma Anne! You will thank yourself a million times over as years go by (spoken by a former nicotine addict)!