Friday, January 27, 2012

My Football Yarn

Project II-Prayer Shawl
Never thought about it much until recently, but it turns out I crave a yarn project every year during football play-off season. Last year I got out my crochet needle and some super soft baby yarn with the idea of making blankets for the two baby grands we were expecting in fall 2011.
In my mind, there were two things that I could crochet really well—baby blankets and hanging dish towels. Apparently crocheting is not like riding a bike. I could not get the stitch tension consistent and I had trouble working with the cool pastel yarn I purchased.

I stared at the crochet basket with the 6 rows of uneven stitches for the next 8 months. I finally convinced myself a month before the births that babies today couldn’t use crochet blankets anyway because little fingers and toes would get caught in the open areas. Whew…

Near the start of play-off season this year I decided I needed another yarn project. My church participates in the prayer shawl ministry and that’s a great project for a Florida person to do with yarn.

Considering my crochet disasters, it was time to take an Uncharted Destination Tour.

Green Loom is 18" long

Enter the Knifty Knitter™ by Provo Craft. This tool takes me back to my Girl Scout days (Can’t think Girl Scouts without Tagalong cookies which can be mailed to my home address thanks). One of my Girl Scout Projects was to make a knitting loom and use it to create a project.

When you read on a package that this item is great for kids and teens—it’s a very good sign. I had only seen the round looms in recent years which make great hats. Knitted hats in Florida can only be used twice a year and one of those times is when you take a trip north. The long straight looms, however, are perfect for shawls and scarves. Even Floridians wear cool scarves from those fancy yarns.

Greetings from Knitter Land....
I purchased a set of long looms in December and asked for a pattern book for Christmas. (Thanks Dave). Before I invested in the yarn to make a shawl I used some of the baby yarn to make a scarf as a test project. Not only did the scarf turn out well—the knitting loom is a fun easy lap project.


The postcard from this Uncharted Destination Tour reads:

Having a great time with long loom knitting! I’ll bring you a souvenir when I return.

Hugs- Norma Anne

After the shawl I'm going to experiment with "plarn" which
 is yarn made from plastic grocery bags. I'm thinking outdoor placemats.

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