Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"New" Video Up -- 5 EZ techniques for Altered Book Art Journals

As previously mentioned, I am not going to miss time in my studio to put my studio projects online. Making movies and taking great photos is a wonderful art form but it is not the one I choose first. Consequently, I end up finding videos I made months ago and realizing I never posted them. Here's one on art journal techniques from last spring.

2012 Art and other Journals Update

I used my altered book art journal every day last year with the exception of about 6 days. I am so happy about that and I really FEEL so good when I create in my journal every day. I used a new book every quarter and still have to do a review of Journal 4 from 2011 for posting.

Oddly enough, although I prepped an altered book for 2012, I decided to step away from the altered books and use a blank page journal. I thought I'd try it for a quarter and now I'm not sure if I can even last a month with it. I still experience that blank page anxiety and I tend to use the journal in my study not my studio so the entries are not as fun to view.

I created a total of 3 scrapbook pages in 2011 and I thought perhaps the art journaling alleviated my desire for scrapping. The experiment in a "plain" book was a test to see if I would scrapbook more without an art journal. So far, I have made 3 scrapbook pages in January 2012...but the verdict is still out. I will find some balance between the two creative outlets very soon.

Here are a few photos of the "plain page" book I'm using this month. It is a journal I bought years ago in Fort Lauderdale and liked so much I didn't want to use it. All journal keepers have had that experience at one time or another, right?

This one has a cool feature call a Zen board in the back. You wet a brush with water and paint on the board. Within 5 minutes the painting disappears and you can do another one. That part is quite fascinating, but may not be enough for my every day use.

Cover of first journal for 2012 before alterations

Painting before a written entry

Same painting as it fades

I decorated the front with my "one little word" OTL and call to action.

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