Monday, May 28, 2012

I am not behind...

One of my favorite motivational sites for cleaning, organizing, and living is The daily emails from this site help to simplify the routine tasks of managing life and home. I love it. I don’t always read the emails, and even after four years of subscribing I can’t say I practice the Fly Lady methods with any consistency. However, the great part about her whole philosophy is that “you are not behind” and “just start with baby steps.” I can embrace that philosophy.

When I teach beginning scrapbooking or journaling the first suggestion participants receive from me is this, “Start today and revisit yesterday when you can. You are not behind.”

Today, two months after my last blog post, I will show you what I started in my art journal today. If all goes as desired, I will post some additional items with future dates so my blog will read consistent again. If not, guess what, I am not behind.

Today I taped in the above digital creation I made earlier in the week and I was inspired by striped stockings to start a Zetti page. Digital elements are from different kits purchased at where my favorite designers are Crow About Studio, Brimm, Tumblefish Studios and Holliewood.

The quote on the original digital peice reads, “Life is like a steering wheel; it only takes one small move to change your entire direction.”

Live joyfully through your twists and turns.


Kellie Elmore said...

Thanks for using my quote in your article :)

Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

Thank you Kellie for sharing so many great thoughts. Check out Kellie's website for more inspiration.