Friday, March 30, 2012

Re-Runs, Reclaimed, Recycled

I cropped and improved the lighting on this photo once but dang if I can't find the photo now...sorry.

Being a part of the artful card making community means I receive as well as send some really great cards. I save them, it's only natural.

My parents get the majority of my card art and they live in a small space that cannot accommodate the dozens of cards they get every year from me and from others. They can't bear to throw them away.

I participate in card swaps that are enjoyable and inspiring and that means I have more cards in my "saved" files too.

I got out my box of saved cards and started re-designing them one week and the result is pictured above. This entire grouping was finished in about 3 hours--now that's a FLASH CARD.

When I used a design from someone else, they are always credited on the back. I have had some fun sending them back to the people who first made them as well.

I had a stack of larger envelopes that originally matched holiday cards and odd greeting card sets I picked up at yard sales. This project was a great way to enlarge some of my A-4 size greetings into larger cards that fit the envelopes.

Stop hoarding your solid card stock (I know you do this--grin) and cut some larger card bases that can be translated into reclaimed cards to mail out. Share the environmentally friendly joy my friends.

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