Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Guitar--My Acrylic on Canvas Adventure

Funny how thinking about other people can bring you to new places in your own growth…Okay, it’s not funny, it’s fabulous and it’s fact. Serendipity is splendid.

I wanted to share a dose of creativity with Marina and ended up opening myself to new directions as well. We went to Uptown Art  in City Place and created a marvelous painting of a funky guitar on canvas with acrylic paint in about two hours.

The guitar is my early Father’s Day gift to Sir Henry, who was thrilled to see me walk in the door felling great and bringing him a present. The time with Marina was precious and seeing her glow with the joy of creativity was inspiring.

In addition to accomplishing my mission of sharing time and art with Marina I enjoyed making something for my husband and I received a welcome infusion of self-empowerment and confidence

I am taking a summer sabbatical from Anton Academy, the fabulous school where I work part-time. This sabbatical will open up new paths professionally and personally. Check out my hire me page online and let me know if you are on this path with me. Thanks!
Put me in Coach—I’m ready to play today!

Artist's notes: This isn't the first time I painted with acrylics for Sir Henry. Here's his favorite that I painted for him. It's a tribute to the cover of our favorite Eagle's album painted on what I fondly refer to as the "speaker thingy" for our sound system.

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