Monday, April 21, 2014

Should I adopt another new year?

I might just need a summer new year. As I journaled and mediated and worshiped and prayed this weekend I realize that I currently celebrate three new starts during the year.
There’s January when the calendar year changes. There’s Easter when I celebrate the renewal of life with the resurrection, and there is September, which I’ve written about before—the back to school new year (something about those school supplies gives me a call to set goals, organize and start projects).
Chart from David Allen's GTD web site

For my spring new year I have been studying and practicing the methods David Allen promotes in his book, “Getting Things Done.” One of the most appealing aspects of his system is to release the lists that are spinning in your head and get more done by trusting your list.
I’m a big fan of emptying my head. That is one of the reasons I am devoted to journaling and journaling in the 80% written format. It empties my head. Now I’ve found a method that promotes me emptying my head. Is this the answer to my unquiet mind?

One of my recent journal pages- I write
more than I create designs. Artful lettering
and written work with ink/paint background.
So far, it’s working when I work it. My lists feel too long and jumbled. I want to go back and review how he explains making choices based on my priorities. He uses the analogy of a plane on the runway and increasing miles above the ground to explain this theory.

I have not been playing in my studio nearly as much as I desire. It’s a state of chaos in there which may be my biggest deterrent and not this new system.
Today I am home unexpectedly. I am going to empty my wandering brain and clear my inbox. Wishing you a joyful and abundant Spring.


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