Friday, March 21, 2014

Protect and Retain

 Today’s Slipper Camp Workout #12

Practice Self-Protection and Retention

 Memorize the appearance of one stranger and describe them later in the day so that someone else would recognize them. Consider height, weight, hair, skin, clothing, and age. Practice using your pepper spray for maximum effectiveness.
The hardcore pepper spray from
Damsel in Defense--$10.00 can
get you a long way from trouble.

Tip: (Thanks to Michelle Guercio at a recent Damsel in Defense event) On the way out of many fast-food restaurants and other stores there is a height chart to increase the ability of judging height for a “Creeper.” Find the chart in a place you frequent and use it for your workout.

Even if you have to use the pepper spray, do what
you can to remember what the creeper looks like.

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