Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Smoothie Days

My Nutribullet 900 superpower smoothie maker from Christmas 2013 remains a big part of my life and routine. See their You Tube video below recipe. 

I make high protein smoothies for the mornings A LOT and I make fruity dessert smoothies in the evenings occasionally. Essentially, meal replacements and dessert treats. 

I have been trying to keep a log of my smoothie recipes to remember what I like. One of the initial reasons for this is that Sir Henry has expressed an interest as well and he wants me to note recipes too. (Unlike my nightly salads, which he loves except for the fact that he never gets one the same….that’s another story). 

I will start current and then move backwards to some that I have kept. I absolutely adore naming things so this part is really fun: 

03.18.15: EASY Chocolate-Peanut
 Butter Protein Punch


1.     Bottle of Post™ Goodness to Go (leftover from recent trip since the Nutribullet doesn’t fit in most luggage)
2.     Tablespoon of smooth peanut butter
3.     Ice
Blend and drink.


-This is one of my simplest recipes thanks to the pre-mixed bottle
-A good one for those busy mornings
-Sir Henry tasted and liked it.
-Smaller than usual, finishes quickly
-Very sweet
-Full almost stuffed after drinking


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