Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Self Defense makes sense

If you have attended any of my live seminars or seen me at local shows then you know my motto, "Self defense makes sense." 

Pepper spray is one of the "most asked for" items that I demonstrate. Until recently, however, I stopped recommending pepper spray because it is difficult to use, the blow back (especially here in Florida) was impossible to plan and predict, and pepper spray was a difficult skill to practice and maintain.

Sabre now offers an exceptional form of pepper spray in a gel formulation. The blow back is substantially lessened plus it is now an effective tool for indoor use in large buildings. Regular pepper spray could harm large buildings and their occupants via the ventilation systems, but the gel does not.

Plus, the smart folks at Sabre offer not only the gel spray but a practice spray and target as well. 

Look Alive, Be Alive
Tools are great, IF you use them. Don't think owning a tool makes you safe. If your tool is at the bottom of your purse or in your car or just out of mind then your tool is useless. You must know how to use any self defense tool and stay vigilant about keeping and using it.

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