Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Greetings from sniffle and cough land...growl. I am now, without a doubt, getting better every day, however, I've had a dose of the crud lately. Everything seems harder, like working underwater or something....

Now, about the web site. First, there are new card samples inspired by a tutorial on Split Coast Stampers. If you have time, check out the Split Coast gallery on samples too, they are all magnificent.
I'm so thankful this business is full of people who want to share. I get inspired every day.
Other items on the web site: I have been a bit sloppy with my photo sizes and now I've used up all my space. I've spent the last week trying to consolidate and shrink photos, especially of older art. It's more tedious than I expected, but I am getting the anticipated results. Soon the galleries will be linked to photos that enlarge with a click and I'll have room for more "new stuff" like these fun buckle cards.
I've been home bound a bit, so there's lots of stuff to add in when I can--enough for another list:
recipes: blond brownies and pesto meat balls
2 more layouts
Easter rub on cards inspired by my Pine Cone Press Club
new projects to load to the web site
the second article in the suite 101 series
party decor-easy and fun decorations

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