Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers and Hugs to my Hokies

I was born and raised in Virginia and have always felt connected to Tech. I was inches away from attending there myself. It's such a large school within a small community that touches so many hearts and minds. I've visited the campus many times, I know and love alumni, employees, and students.

I am reminded of the prayer service we had in my church after Columbine. I couldn't fathom how children could experience such horror and I still can't. My niece is a college sophomore, my brother is a college Provost and his wife a professor. We naturally think of all the personal connections during such tragedies. It doesn't take long to realize we are all connected.

Cherish each and every soul you know and love--they are our strength and they are a gift. I pray for peace, for understanding, for forgiveness, and strength during this tragedy that effects all of us.

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