Monday, June 23, 2008

Winner Confirmed

This is Norma Anne's friend Lynn. I'm writing to you because Norma Anne's internet has been down since 12:30 this afternoon. The TV station called and confirmed them as the winners today. YIPPEE!!!!!

The wedding date is August 3rd. Details to follow from Norma Anne.

Thanks to everyone again.


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope it's all and more than what you expect and deserve!!
~Lindsey, just a voter. =)

Shuman X Seven said...

CONGRATS Norma! All our hard work paid off!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Norma Anne and Henry! I voted and voted and voted and was like the energizer bunny!

Make sure and post pics of the wedding!!

Love ya!
"Cousin" Sarah

Anonymous said...

WAHOO!!! We were all so excited over at the Cricut Board for you guys! We even had people calling the TV station yesterday morning trying to find out who the winner was! As soon as we saw it posted on Channel 12's website we are all so happy for you and Henry!

Thank you for letting us be part of your special day in some small way! Enjoy every moment of it!