Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Video Gratitude

Our Internet is alive and well after being struck by lightening on Monday! Here's my attempt at uploading the video to my blog. I'm new at this so I hope it works... If not, you can view it on Google's site by following this link.
We wanted to invite you all into our home for us to say thanks and this seemed the best way. I know we left people out, there are so many great folks and groups and we did 4 takes so we thought things went in that didn't. In addition to those listed we wanted to thank "Team Norma" at The, Laurie, Pam, Calvin, Jodi, Cheryl, Kim in Iowa, Two Peas Message board for all the great threads there, Scrap In Style TV,, and everyone else who entered digits and clicked vote

We spoke with so many people who said they felt like they won too---you did, you did! Stay tuned for more videos, photos, and a link to the photographer's site after the wedding. THANKS!


Scrappinology said...

yay! it is so nice to actually see and hear you both!!! It was hard seeing ya on that layout you submitted! lol!

Congratulations to you both!!! I am married 26 years and our anniversay is August 3rd too (so I will definately be thinkin of you that day)!!! I wish you both as many and more years together!

Enjoy and Congrats!

~*~ gina ~*~

Anonymous said...

So kewl to be able to virtually see you from your home. Really enjoyed you message of thanks and looking forward to hearing more about your dream wedding and dream life.

SDV message board

Sarah Coggins said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Norma Anne & Henry! :) I was following & voting via the Two Peas message board. Looking forward to seeing photos. Wishing you a wonderful wedding & a blessed marriage!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I saw the post of 2Peas in a Bucket and voted 25+ times. Best wishes for the future! :)

Amanda in Florida

Sandra said...

Congrats!!! I saw a post on 2peas and voted about a dozen times. May you be happy forever and ever!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - what a journey this has been for you! And it's just starting , Best wishes for a marriage that is joyous and blessed. (Honored to have been included in the voting! Thank you!)

member of the cricut mb

Unknown said...

YAY for you!!
So very excited for you two.
I expect a full on digital version of the scrapbook(S) to be posted here on the blog, of every picture taken!


Unknown said...

i just found about this and was about to go and vote and I see you've already won!! congratulations! wishing you a long and happy life together,
louise xx

Unknown said...

PS, am popping over from Ireland - you have reached a lot of people!!

Anonymous said...


It could not have happened to nicer people!


Anonymous said...

Congrats again.

I was just wondering if the cards have started rolling into the station. I would love to know if ALL the contestants have been getting them? Does anyone know?

Please let us know when you find out. LOL.

Oh Scrap!! said...

Congratulations to both of you!!! I love the video, enjoy your journey I'm sure July will be a busy and exciting month, hugs, Rosa.

Darcy Marshall said...

Congratulations! I am so pleased you won, I voted as often as was possible over 3-4 days as did many others over here.

That's a lovely video you made, so nice to see you both. I look forward to seeing the wedding photos.

Best wishes from all the thousands of members at Ukscrappers.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! What a wonderful thank you video. This has been such a treat following your story.

God bless you both now, on Aug 3rd and through your whole future!

Anonymous said...


Part of your KNK scrapping team of voters here in Australia. You thanked us! We didn't need it but it was very nice and Lynn only had to ask, we loved doing it.
Just wanted to wish you a wonderful wedding day and the very best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely video and for especially mentioning us crazy Australians that voted like crazy for our fellow Scrapbooker. I was one of the ladies who found out about you guys from the Cricut Message Board. I wish you both a very happy marriage and may all your dreams come true.