Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh my, oh my

I've waited too long and now I have too many different things to write about. I've been on a bit of digital kick lately so I'll start there. The layout above is not quite right, but I can't decide how to fix it. PLEASE, if you have suggestions let me know.

The papers on the layout are what's got me excited. I found a new resource for digital elements on a site called Marks paper company. Their digital and traditional papers all look like fabric and I love the texture. The kit I bought featured more florals with these papers and I added holiday elements and a quote from my favorite resource, Designer Digitals.

Marks Paper Company is looking for designers to join their team. The information is on the site. They look like a fun new company to me.

Speaking of digital scrapping (and beyond) I've joined a cool new art community called Jean's Art Dolls. It's a forum and gallery of about 200 members registered and I estimate about 30-40 active. I love this group because they are very friendly, supportive, and open minded. They really foster the daring and the different yet they embrace the traditional and the beginner too. You can join them by visiting

Jean invited me to be a part of their design team and I happily agreed. So far, I've taken more of a digital role since that area seemed to need some attention. This attention to digital has been the impetus for my new series of articles on digital paper crafting. You can follow along with me at

Alrighty, I think this sums up most of my topics of the moment. Hopefully in upcoming posts I'll touch on the What Works series, templates, sketches, and some other fun things running through my mind. Be kind to yourself--it makes you strong.

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