Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mail Art My Way

I love cards, the designing, the making, the's all good. I most frequently create what I call "flash cards" that are easy to create and put together--usually with scraps from other projects. (See the Within Reach Doctrine post). I just don't believe every card should take hours to complete. I mail out more this way and I have more fun too.

When I feel the need to do more elaborate cards or cards for class projects, I turn to Split Coast Stampers first and usually don't have to go further for inspiration. The step card I created last month is a perfect example.

In keeping with my Destination Heart Felt Art--I am creating things that I love and finding ways to share that with the ones I love. I have released my fears that my "messy stuff" will not appeal and I just create with love in my heart. I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Here's the latest Mail Art My Way that I created for my precious niece Katie. She's pregnant for the first time and I thought I'd send her some smiles and affection. I purchased a set of funny buttons from Wal-Mart and mailed them with a tag message about cherishing the moments while counting the days.

The tag front was "within reach" from a tag calendar I had designed, started, and then abandoned because I decided to do big photo calendars instead. The padded envelope was recovered in my great study overhaul of 2009 and was the perfect size for the tag and buttons. As always, you can click to enlarge the photos.

Joy to you!

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