Thursday, March 5, 2009

Worth Saying—AGAIN

Check out Jean’s Art Dolls online forum to join a friendly, creative, online community. I am honored to be serving a short stint on her design team which fits in beautifully with my Destination Heartfelt Art journey. Jean encourages design team members to create what we wish as we wish—our main commitment is just participation.

I post new artwork to the gallery every week along with filling up the digital scrapbook forum and contributing to other topics and challenges as they appeal to me.

I love all kinds of online art communities for all kinds of reasons and I probably would be hard pressed to even list all the ones where I hold membership and drift in and out. This one, however, has become my home base and I’d love to welcome you there as well. If you join and introduce yourself--please say hi to the Artful Tourist.

Artwork notes: JADs community has inspired me to continue on my "Stick Figure" collection of paper art dolls. The doll above is the Mood-o-meter stick figure doll created in 2007. She tickles my fancy.

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