Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nudge in the Right Direction

Big Inspiration in a small format
Explorations and destinations this week have been fruitful this week. I visited the web site of an old friend
and, as always, I was inspired anew. Aisling D’Art was one of the first Internet friends to make me feel right at home in my art while helping me realize that chaos and/or change spurs creativity. She hosted the yahoo group on art journals when very few people had ever heard of art journals and she opened her journal pages for the world to see as she experienced some significant life changes. I still think of her as the original blogger.

Her site linked me to the 7/30/365 Art Card Project
and that just blew me away. I visited the Flickr group and was impressed with the work I saw there. I have been working on an ATC article for Suite101 and marveling at the number of people that are still making artist trading cards after what seems like all this time.

Give yourself a nudge
What I love about the 7/30/365 challenge is that you can just do it for a week or for a month—then you keep going from there. It’s one day at a time in a very artful direction-like a nudge instead of a big challenge. I decided to create an ATC series celebrating the scraps in my studio and the influences in my creativity over the last 15+ years.

I have created a Flickr account and posted my first four artist’s trading cards. With just four cards I have learned so much.
* I learned that making these small treasures gives me a sense of accomplishment.
* I learned that, as with legacy art, this format allows me to revisit memories and be inspired anew.
* I have learned that one small piece of artwork often leads to larger creations.

I’m not as enamored of the artwork in these first four designs (see slide show at right) as I am of the process itself. When I look at the creations of the artists that have been doing this for months, I am humbled by the primitive appearance of my own work. Yet, I love the story wrapped up in each of my designs and I look forward to the progression in style and execution.

ATC-Admit One 2001
This is one of the earliest artist trading cards I created. I don't have photos of the earlier ones which I cheerfully traded away.
This one was created with the 10 from 1 method where you decorate and then cut 10 trading cards from one sheet of paper. This topic will be featured in my upcoming Suite 101 article.
Coming soon:
Progress and setbacks in the studio
Austerity plan update
More cards from the Within Reach Doctrine and tri-fold cami cards
Stick Figures reemerge.—see preview here

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