Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This would be a good time

This would be a good time to…
  • Clean out the storage shed
  • Spend more time in the studio
  • Make cards
  • Fill scrapbooks and photo albums
  • Paint with inks and watercolors
  • Continue Bible journaling with renewed commitment
  • Change the sheets more often
  • Have video calls with friends and family (even though they have always lived hours away)
  • Learn to barber a man’s head, just one man’s head but still…
  • Plan meals and corresponding shopping trips
  • Stop using paper plates for most meals
  • Play tambourine and bongos with Sir Henry on the guitar
  • Sit on the patio more often
  • Introduce each other to our favorite movies
  • Make bread
  • Share family recipes
  • Practice deliberate kindness
  • Pray unceasingly

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