Friday, March 2, 2007

Parental Visitation

I thought about keeping my blog related to mixed media art only, but that defies the meaning of blog for me--like splat, here's what's in my head. So visit my web site for a bit more focus and polish and visit this blog for what's on my mind today.

My parents visited us for the month of February and "a good time was had by all. " They fit right into the trailer park crowd. We have a small (really small) cottage next door to us that is a great way to house guests. Mom and Daddy are campers and they've always tried to leave things better than they found them. Our visit was no exception since they bought a wonderful new screen door for the cottage and new tikki torches for the front patio.

Photos include: Daddy at Farmer's Market (Mom's gone artsy with the angles there), dinner with the neighbors inside (it was below 65 degrees brrrrr) and Sir Henry and I outside for Valentine's dinner.

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